Team Overview

Return To Glory began around 2008 with a shared vision between Dr Bob Schuchts and Bill Harper.   From small beginnings and shared vision, we hosted our own small Boot Camp and the team emerged from there.  We have hosted boot camp retreats and other mens events since then, and while some of the leaders and team members have come and gone, we are still in the business of proclaiming the Restoration of Christ.   Freedom, Vision and Restoration is available… that’s our story.   Here is a collection of photos from our retreats, our adventures and our brothers in arms, in this fight for our hearts.   And we have fun on the journey!

 Return To Glory Ministries, Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, faith based ministry that is dedicated toward renewing the hearts of men through restoration in Christ.  All contributions are tax deductible.   

Team Bios

Bill Harper

Earnest Mathis

Mark Hays

Cameron Wakefield


Partners in this journey

In 2012, Return To Glory bonded into relationship with Wildmen Ministries of the Tampa area.   Both of our groups have been hosting Boot Camp retreats, but Wildmen has been doing it about 6 years longer than Return To Glory.  Ultimately, we all are on the same team, trying to put the same ball across the same goal line.    For the April 2015 retreat, Wildmen is coming alongside Return To Glory to bring you this event.   For more information visit the Wildmen website