Our Team - Earnest Mathis 

Earnest Mathis is a retired law enforcement officer with 39 years of service.   He retired as a Homicide Detective first and later as a Probation officer in a second career.  He comes to the Return To Glory team after the promise that he made to God when he was a street patrol officer with the St. Petersburg Plice Deparment.  On June 10, 1979, while responding to a call in the zone he worked he was shot at twice by a distraught World War II veteran John Wilmer Bennett, age 74, who wanted to die by suicide by cop.  Both gun shots missed Earnest, who in turn pulled his service revolver rather than return fire, and subsequently talked the shooter into surrendering his gun.  This act was done with prayer and direction from the Holy Spirit.

From this faithful date, he made a promise to God to try and save and rescue lost men.  And in doing so try to deal with the "whys" behind some men's brokenness.  The concept of being a rescuer for broken men received confirmation when Earnest attended a Ransomed Heart Boot Camp, facilitated by John Eldredge, author of the book "Wild at Heart" in the summer of 2014 in the mountains of Jasper, Georgia.  When he spoke personally with Eldredge about his dreams, aspirations and vision for ministry, John Eldredge's advice was to pursue it with vigor and zeal.   And yes, I am doing so!  Lastly I have been a shoe shine boy since age 12, if I cannot wash your feet I can shine your shoes.  I operate by should winning a shoe shine ministry with the purpose of kingdom building.