Resources and Links

Resources:  This is a collection of prayers and articles that can assist your pursuit toward living from the heart with Christ as the center.     If you have something valuable to add, let us hear about it!

Web Links:  These are our allies and partners in this journey who offer valuable support for those seeking renewal, restoration and opportunities to grow and serve.   


Daily Prayer A key prayer for every day, for renewal, for defense, and for maintenance of your relationship with Christ.  This is a comprehensive prayer incorporating biblical, gospel truths to keep you strong in Jesus.  

Daily Prayer (extended) A longer version of the Daily Prayer 

Saint Patrick's Breastplate:
A prayer that has passed the test of time, still valid in our lives today

Bedtime prayer:
We use this prayer for those nights when we sense the need for protection.

Male Sexuality Prayer:
Male Sexuality Prayer: from the CD set Men Talking About Women by John Eldredge and team.

Book of Prayer:
This is a compilation of prayers from John Eldredge, Neil Anderson and others. It includes prayers and warfare for specific situations such as inner healing and cleansing a home.

Wild at Heart Survey:
Based on the Field Manual, this is a good way to see where you are in the Wild at Heart journey. We use it about every six months and watch for the progress God brings.

Asking the beauty the question:
How to rescue your wife_s heart without killing your own. Often this is a dangerous mission that requires cunning and an understanding heart. Don_t rush the field.

Inviting Him In:
A shorter version of the Circles Talk, this illustrates the power of bringing everything to Christ.

Ephesians Vision:
A metaphorical walk through Ephesians using the Wild at Heart lens.

Is the Redeemed Heart Good?:
A tricky subject is treated objectively showing scriptures both for and against. The verdict? Yes, the redeemed heart must be good.

Over the Hill:
A testimony of a man who discovered Wild at Heart and then got taken out by the message "You're over the hill." Give up your Wild at Heart dreams and let the younger men do it.

Why Heal the Wound:
A short article that points out many advantages to heart healing. Healing wounds isn't the end, it's the beginning of walking with God in intimacy and freedom.

The Image of God in Men  An article defending the theology of Wild at Heart in response to an article that attacked it. 


Web Links

Ransomed Heart
Ransomed Heart is the parent ministry of John Eldredge, author of Wild at Heart. They have an amazing catalog of resources to assist you in your journey.  We highly recommend this new and improved website! Take a look at the top bar which now features drop downs for / Real Men / Captivating Women / Jesus Really / The Larger Story / Prayer that Works.  This resource is loaded with inspirational life changing messages.  

Wildmen Ministry   Wildmen started out in 2002 with 8 men who got together to attend a “40 Days of Purpose” small group. Designed to promote discipleship, fellowship, worship, ministry and outreach, Wildmen provides a safe place where men can come and be men as they grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Noble Heart
   The Noble Heart is a ministry helping men and women find this life, the life of their heart, in God. Its purpose is to help us understand and walk in God's process of restoring, revealing and releasing the heart. Each of us possesses a sacred destiny, an aspect of the glory of God, which is needed in the Larger Story we have been invited into. A Story in which there are no spectators, bystanders, benchwarmers, or civilians. We, through the work of Christ, are designed to have a powerful life. 

Celebrate Recovery Tallahassee   Celebrate Recovery is an international program and has locations everywhere.  Killearn UMC in Tallahassee hosts an excellent program.  Celebrate Recovery is for anyone who has a hurt, habit or hang-up. It is not restricted to people struggling with an addiction. We all have issues that may be interfering with our relationship with God and others. Therefore, we all qualify! Join us as we pursue real life in Jesus Christ and celebrate the recovery only He can bring through His people and His Word.

Live The Life Ministries  Live the Life's mission is to strengthen marriages and families.  We show people HOW to have a stronger marriage, HOW to become a godly man, HOW to make better life choices during the teen years.  People move beyond knowledge and information into execution through experiential learning and developing practical, hands-on skills.  We believe people learn more from
doing than from knowing.

Christ Town Ministries  Christ Town Ministries in Quincy, Florida is place where distressed men and women are provided a safe place to heal with Jesus as the source.  This "city of refuge" not only provides housing, but also employment in the center which takes donations, resells used clothing, furniture, appliances, grows their own food, and serves the community.   Through intense bible study, Christian Counseling, step studies, work experience and the power of Jesus Christ, they are changing lives by Christ centered living... one life at a time.