Finding Forrester (2000) 

Finding Forrester

Sean Connery stars as William Forrester was a very famous writer and a recluse. Barred up in his Bronx apartment, stares out the windows with binoculars. Will not leave. Lots of fears. Drinks too much.

Jamal, the young black man, and impressive  basketball athlete, but his passion is for writing   Incredible Test Scores, but C average in class.  Hazard a guess why?  To succeed in the projects in school is not viewed upon highly.   To succeed in the projects is generally tough.. but this kid is a warrior.  Watch for the warrior.   In a battle.  

Startling and challenging encounters begin with trespass, hostility… lives full of boundaries challenges and pain.  Eventually the story takes these two up to the point of friendship, and we see a boy without a father befriend a lonely man without a family.