Glory - our mission,
our message is we can get it back

No doubt we have been told many times of man’s original sin. Have you heard about our original glory? "The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive"  is such a perfect picture of the mission... your heart.  This is not our work - after all,  Jesus is the arrow and the archer - we only hope to bring you closer.  Your heart is His target.  We believe that man bears the image of God in his heart, in ways that are truly masculine, in ways that call us to live with Vision and Passion.   We go after all this.

This weekend is different

Far too often the message men hear is “shape up” or “get your act together”. This is not about trying to change you through various forms of pressure, which seems to be repeated regularly, from church, from religion, wherever… the message is “do this, don’t do this, do this better.”   That didn’t work for us, probably because its aimed at the head-- knowledge.  Knowledge is good, but without the heart, it doesn’t work, or stick, or last in life changing ways.   So we go for the heart.  Actually, we don’t do anything, but we ask a man if he wants his heart back.  Ask him to ask Jesus to restore his heart.   We spend quiet time with Him, we listen to our stories, we listen to His especially.  And we have fun.   Ask yourself:  Do you want your heart back?  This retreat is an adventure for us men to recapture what it means to live from a heart fully alive, in the image and likeness of God.    


Its about Freedom


fullness, freedom, vision and passion.

Its about healing the brokenhearted, proclaiming liberty to the captives, and giving sight to the blind. That’s God’s Opener: Jesus reading from Isaiah 61, the day he began His ministry. Would that be significant? It’s not just about making it to heaven when you die. It’s not about 8 ways to improve your walk. It’s about living from a restored and renewed heart in the here and now. Life! It was never intended to kill our spirit, but too often it has. It has broken our hearts. There is so much more to life - fullness, freedom, vision and passion.

Experience a taste of the message in the video below


Our mission (in other words) is to get our hearts back.  The enemy has stolen so much so often from us we are just getting through the days, it seems.   We have often heard a proud coach say “That kid has a lot of heart.”   When we were young, the pulse of our soul seemed so vigorous, so alive,  but with our wounds, the world and the warfare, now it seems a distant metronome.   We believe that this weekend will speak directly to that center of your soul and awaken your heart toward strength with life and passion with Jesus as the source.   Many groups of men from all over the world are holding retreats similar to these, having been transformed by this message, and this short video was created by a sister group,  Hearts Alive and Free (  It is with gratitude to them we share it with you now.