Do you remember?

Do you remember playing Cowboys and Indians, or wearing your first Super Hero costume? Did you feel the first stirrings of feeling powerful? That you had what it takes to conquer the world?

Being grown-up...

Being grown-up doesn’t make us a man. Nor does success in business, or wearing a uniform, or having a family. Do you still feel that strength of youth?

Inside we still feel...

Inside we will still feel insecure, frustrated, and bored
until we answer our core questions:

  • What was I made for? What is my calling?
  • How do I appropriately offer my masculine strength
    in my marriage, work, and relationships?
  • Where does my affirmation come from? Who is answering my question “Do I have what it takes?”


Looking for answers
in the wrong places...

Often times we try to get our questions answered in ways that seem satisfying… yet… notsomuch in the end. We find ourselves still missing something…



Take heart, brother...

There is freedom and joy waiting for each of us… we are on that journey… to reclaim our hearts.    

This weekend is designed as an adventure.  A place to letdown and gain perspective and connect into a larger story for which you were designed

RTG Ministries invites you to surf through this website for information on the Boot Camp Mens Retreat and the message we share that is full of freedom and life!  We recommend you read the book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge as a basic primer.  If you like that, you will love this.   We welcome your questions; feel free to contact the Return To Glory ministry team.