What do you want?
We open with this question.  For most of the healing miracles in the gospels, Jesus also asked a form of this question first.  See John 5:6.  So we ask you to bring this question to the retreat: What do YOU want? 
What will the retreat be like?
It won’t be like any "men’s retreat" you’ve ever been to. There won’t be any fireside, acoustic-guitar, hand-holding "kum-ba-ya" stuff. We’ll have about eight "sessions" where we’ll present the message of Wild at Heart using our own stories, movie clips, guided reflection, small group discussion, time alone with God, and adventure activities. The combination is powerful. We’ll probably show you a movie one or both nights. Friday and Saturday afternoon there will be free time for adventure activities or anything else you want to do.
What will it be like for me?
We believe that you are going to have one of the most significant, revolutionary experiences of your life. We all experienced profound change from attending a retreat like this and that’s why we’re offering it to you.
Will I get a schedule when I check in?
The schedule is purposefully on a need-to-know basis once you arrive at the retreat. Arrive on Thursday evening, leave on Sunday mid-day. It will help you unplug from the matrix.
What are the adventure activities?
On Friday afternoon, we bring in a professional Paintball team for a thrilling experience.  That can be a strenuous activity, but it also brings friendship and team building.  Paintball cost is $40 and is not included.  On Saturday, a kayak trip is the featured activity, starting on Spring Creek, a crystal clear river, then feeding into the Chipola River, that takes about 3.5 hours including transportation.  Kayak cost is $25, also not included.  Golf is available both days, Indian Springs Golf Club is a mile away.   We hope to have airplane rides featured on Friday, those people are selected by lottery on Thu and that will take all your Friday break time.  An activity center with a basketball court is available if thats your thing.  Or if just relaxing and spending time alone is your choice, thats cool too.  All these are optional.   
Are the adventure activities optional?
Yes. But we highly recommend them as part of what will help you come more alive as a man. Find a band of brothers.
What if I am NOT a religious guy?
PERFECT! This is not about being more religious. We believe you will find that less is more.
What if I am a religious guy?
PERFECT! We will help you go beyond the rules you have learned. Christ gave us a much deeper message. There is so much more than rules that will feed your soul and nourish your heart.
So what is the book Wild at Heart about?
Read it. Period. We call it a primer.  Consider it homework.  Just crack it and pray.....  (see FAQ 1)  Go with that first.  If you have read WAH recently, we suggest Waking the Dead by John Eldredge.   Or Beautiful Outlaw, a wonderful picture of Jesus.    All can be purchased by clicking here
Should I bring a friend or should I come alone?
We encourage you to bring your friends along to this retreat. In fact, we believe that having men alongside will only serve to deepen the impact of the camp as well as help you when you return home. If you do attend alone, no problem. There will be opportunities to meet other men at the camp. We believe you will find common ground with them as well.
What do I need to bring to the retreat?
Click Here For A List Of Recommended Supplies.
Is this a good Father-Son event?
This boot camp should not be pictured first as a 'father/son' event, due to the nature of the experience.  If you both have a healthy relationship, that would be a plus.   If you are considering attending with your father or son, please contact us for what that might involve.  [use the contact us button at the top]
Do you offer retreats for women?
Not yet. We are working on that. However, we believe and have seen firsthand the incredibly positive impact on the wives, girlfriends and families of the men who have attended the men's retreat. Frequently men return home and become the catalyst for incredible change in the lives of their loved ones... so women sign your man up! You won't regret it.