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Information for Spring 2015 Boot Camp :  Thu 16 Apr to Sun 19 Apr 2015, at AG West Florida Conference Center in Marianna, FL. Registration closes on 16 Apr. Click on link to map AG West Florida:

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The Boot Camp is a 3 day, 3 night event. It begins Thu evening, with registration from 4 to 5:30, dinner at 6 pm and concludes Sun around 12-1 pm. It is only for men, age 18 and older.

Note: AG West Florida (in Marianna) is CENTRAL TIME

Plan to arrive on Thursday by 5:30 pm. The retreat is progressively structured with very important sessions presented on Thursday night. They are in a sequence and each session builds on the previous. For this reason, we will not accept planned late arrivals.

This weekend is different

The last thing men need to hear is get your act together;. This is not about trying to change you through various forms of pressure. This not a regular church retreat- this is an adventure for men to recapture what it means for them, as men, to be made in the image and likeness of God.

Boot Camp Summary


The Boot Camp experience, according to many alumnae, is unlike any other church retreat they had experienced. There will be teaching sessions that will guide you through what might be a new look at The Gospel and potentially a fresh and new relationship with Christ and others. It is all about the restoration Jesus describes in Luke 4. The teachings use movie clips as illustrations; you will find the clips to be profound and very illustrative. There will be laughter, there will be tears, there will be quiet time alone with God. Again, the experience of attendees is that The Holy Spirit will attend that quiet time in a huge way. There are no bible studies in a circle, that doesn't happen on this retreat. And there will be several hours of free time on Fri and Sat afternoons for an assortment of activities, but those activities are totally optional.. you can play, play hard, or chill. This retreat is being led by the Return to Glory Ministries (of Tallahassee) and Wildmen (of Tampa) and is designed exclusively for men. Due to the nature and depth of the content and experience, this boot camp is not designed for youth. You must be at least 18 to attend.

Your registration fee covers your lodging, meals and all of the teaching and materials for the weekend. Meals include Thu dinner through Sunday lunch. There are additional charges for "free time" activities such as golf, paintball, or a canoe trip. Again, all of those free time activities (and costs) are optional. Expect costs to range from $20 to $40 per afternoon, depending on the activity. Golf costs less, Paintball costs more. 

This boot camp could be a wonderful as a 'father/son' event, but it might not.  This is due to the nature of the experience and the areas we explore. If you are very drawn to attend with your father or son, we advise you to contact a staff member for a confidential discussion of what that might involve. Contact us here

What to bring


Most Essential:

  • Wild at Heart book and Field Manual (you may order these here) (You will be given a handout for the weekend, the Field Manual is more in depth)
  • Towel, Pillow, Sheets, Blanket, bedding, sleeping bag  (AG W Fla does not supply linens)
  • Fold up lawn chair (in a bag?) (lots of time outdoors)
  • Very casual clothes (check the weather)
  • Notebook, bible and pen.
  • Rain gear/umbrella (check the weather)
  • Extra shoes (for paintball, might get sweaty and dirty)(for canoe trip might get wet)
  • Toiletries: shampoo not provided. Again, bring bedding and towel.  
  • Extra $$ for activities ($70-$100 recommended)
  • Bug Spray and Sunscreen
  • Flashlight or Headlight

Less Essential:

  • Golf Clubs (if you are a golfer)
  • Paintball clothing (long sleeve, heavy, rugged, will get stained. Gloves are good)
  • Canoe trip items (flotation and paddles are provided) (i.e. water shoes, waterproof bag, swimsuit, hat, etc)  
  • Frisbees / football / bocce (lawn toys you get the idea) 

Read the book


Please make the commitment to read the book "Wild at Heart" one or two weeks prior to the event... even if you have read it before. This is crucial! If you have read Wild At Heart, then read Waking the Dead . If you are not a reader, the audio CD version can be purchased from the Ransomed Heart store using the link below.

Wild At Heart



[West Florida District Council of the Assemblies of God Conference Center]
Address:   4792 US Hwy 90, Marianna FL  32446
Directions:  From Tallahassee, head west on I-10.  Take Exit 142 toward Marianna (to the right)  At Hwy 90, turn left.  Pass over the bridge (lake on the right) and it is approx. ½ mile on the right, blue sign with 3 crosses.   68 miles from Tallahassee.